Uncivil Liberties

This anthology includes my
introductory chapter, “The Mythological
Roots of American Libertarianism”



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Taking on the tenets of libertarian and right wing thought, the authors challenge the American myths that promote rugged individualism, the lone hero, endless economic growth, and American exceptionalism. They explore the role that ideologies play in helping us make sense of the world and revisit the experiment — still unproved — of American democracy. The authors place the myths in historical and ideological contexts and explore the makings of civil society, social justice, and economic fairness. One author, who was a libertarian in his youth, deconstructs libertarian proposals using only their arguments to shed light on the consequences of such ideas.

Citing successful alternatives to laissez-faire and corporate capitalism, the authors promote existing models that celebrate the dignity of human kind by promoting empathy, cooperation, and respect. This book not only deconstructs, it constructs a possible world using concrete examples that have a proven success rate and high levels of human happiness.


QUOTES about the book:


I have spoken at many Praxis events over the past decade and have been consistently impressed with the depth and integrity of their programs. This book, written by six of the organization’s politically astute members, is a cooperative effort that has produced a necessary and timely analysis of the “isms” that are causing so much confusion in the political arena today.  This should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand the inconsistencies in libertarian thought. – United States Representative Lynn Woolsey (6th District), Retired

Uncivil Liberties will turn your head around, challenge the unconscious myths that have informed your life and give you a vision of how true freedom flourishes only in the context of a caring community…a radical and hopeful book. – Sam Keen, author of Fire in the Belly, Faces of the Enemy, and In the Absence of God.

This book helps us to probe the values and implications behind the buzzword, so we can separate the valuable from the pernicious in libertarian positions. —Norman Solomon, author of War Made Easy and The Wizards of Media Oz and founder of the Institute for Public Accuracy

In a time of intrusive and misguided government policies, libertarian candidates can be appealing…But there is another, much darker side to libertarianism today, one that Uncivil Liberties does a great job exposing…If you want to separate the good from the bad in libertarianism, this book will help enormously. — John Robbins, author of The Food Revolution, Diet for a New America and The New Good Life


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